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I made myself a website and it's up now with the most recent book reviews including today's post (a recap of the process so far). Check it out at Come say hi and keep up with what's going on in my book reading life.

Summer Reading

Summer Reading – My Lady’s Choosing

Ladies, this book is wonderful and hilarious. It is a choose your own romance (in the style of "Choose-your-own-adventure" books). I'll be honest. I never read a choose your own adventure, that I really recall. Maybe once... like an R.L. Stine, one or something. But the concept fascinates me. I love the idea of meandering… Continue reading Summer Reading – My Lady’s Choosing

Summer Reading

Summer Reading – Til September Petronella

This is my first short story collection review for the revamped blog. If you remember my writing from before, I LOVE short stories. I think they're incredibly fascinating for what you can accomplish in such a small space. This wonderful little book came to me all the way from England. I found out about it… Continue reading Summer Reading – Til September Petronella

Summer Reading

Summer Reading – Children of Blood and Bone

Can we talk about this cover? Isn't it gorgeous and amazing? I was just completely drawn in. Didn't even read the synopsis on the dust jacket. Just picked it up and paid for it. And then it sat on my bookshelf for several months. And then one day I picked it up and it sort… Continue reading Summer Reading – Children of Blood and Bone

Summer Reading

Summer Reading – The Hazel Wood

I had a different review planned for today and then I realized, it's Friday the 13th, and this book is pretty spoopy, so here we go. The Hazel Wood grabbed my attention on a random meander through Barnes & Noble. I rarely purchase books on a whim in a store, people. I'm an anomaly in readership… Continue reading Summer Reading – The Hazel Wood

Summer Reading

Summer Reading – The Magicians

I never finished reviewing this trilogy from my initial read. The Magician's Land was published in 2014 and I was on a blogging hiatus at that point. I think the only one from the set that was truly blogged about here was The Magician King. I've been trying to remember my initial reactions to this… Continue reading Summer Reading – The Magicians