Blog Swap #9


we do have a lot to say

For a few years now I’ve been a member of something called 20SomethingBloggers. I never quite taken full advantage of being involved with it. I get weekly emails from them about different events going on. And they’re hosting a summit in Chicago next weekend that I would love to go to. A)It’s in Chicago (which is an awesome city) and B) It’s got all sorts of conferences and seminars on making the most of your blog. A girl can dream.

Anyway, they sent out this email sometime last week about participating in Blog Swap #9 (not to be confused with the love potion). It works something like this: after you express your interest the staff over at 20sb assigns you a partner to swap blogs with on a specified date with a specified topic (the topic is “Summer”). Today we got the email that had a fancy Excel spreadsheet attached to it letting us know who our partners are. Mine is a girl named Nikkia who writes a blog called Silver Lips Beauty. She writes reviews of beauty products and music. I’m fairly excited about this little swap for a couple reasons. Mostly, I’m excited to get more involved in this community of bloggers. I feel like there’s so much I can still learn about writing for myself and generating a little more than your average hobby.

So keep your eyes peeled next week for the blog post from Nikkia. It should go up on Wednesday the 17th.

Until then, keep reading and I really hope you enjoy your weekend 🙂


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