Just What I Needed

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

  I really love me some Ira Glass. This American Life is one of the coolest things that Pam ever introduced me to. I love hearing the stories (in some cases watching them) and Ira’s voice is so unique I feel like it’s quite the experience.

  Yesterday I was wasting time, procrastinating in the blog post I was trying to write. This week I’ve sort of felt like I was in a slump with the writing. Just lagging on motivation to write even though I’ve had the week planned out for awhile now. Then I find this video.

  I’m a big fan of typography. So I watch it and I’m annoyed  floored frustrated challenged. That’s it, challenged. Ira Glass is telling me that I might be terrible, but it’s okay because I have plenty of time to practice. It reminded me of this list that I copied into the front of my journal.

33 Ways to Stay creative

  And I resolved to practice. I resolve to practice. The only reason I’ve been keeping this blogging thing up so long is that I just started. I made a schedule and decided to stick with it. The same must be done for my practice. Now that my work schedule has pretty fairly evened out I don’t have much of an excuse. Now I must come up with the arbitrary deadlines and convince myself they are steadfast and not bendable. And I have a couple goals that I will keep super secret for now but give myself deadlines for as well.

  So I guess here is where I will solicit advice: Anything you wish someone had told you earlier you think I might benefit from, leave a note below. I’d greatly appreciate it.


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