Original Works – Distraction

I wrote this poem the week of Pt. 1’s release. Today will echo a similar countdown toward the premiere of Pt.2. In anticipation, I thought I’d share this little gem with you. Enjoy.

Distraction, or How I spent the day waiting for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1

8:00 am, shut off alarm, 16 hours until it starts

brush teeth, make breakfast

10:00 am, homework, iTunes playlist, 14 hours

left to wait, contemplate what to wear, keep doing


12:00, eating lunch, play with puppy, watch

two episodes of Conan, 12 hours, contemplate

details: books vs. movies, hope nothing disappoints

2:00 pm, avoiding homework, don’t like Faulkner,

distract with Twitter and Facebook and YouTube,

find music, download, throw sock at puppy, 10 hours

4:00 pm, proctor CPR test for Gina, discuss life,

college, weddings, and very important thing happening

in 8 hours… promise not to dress up like a dork

6:00 pm, showered, blow-dried hair, make-up,

jewelry, attention to tiny details, texting Pam, and Daniel, and Jenna,

prepare to drive to Tampa, 6 hours left

8:00 pm, dinner with mom, discuss friends’ wedding this

weekend, wonder what Shepherd’s pie is, keep texting and

checking Twitter, 4 hours seems so long

10:00 pm, sitting in the lobby, listening to mom talk about work,

call little sister, tease her about how she says “button”, sounds

like “bu’un”, 2 hours, someone brought a trivia card game

11:00 pm, move from queue to theatre, playing game on my

phone, answering movie trivia on screen, contemplating best

time to go buy a drink, never happens, 1 hour (and 2 minutes, apparently)

12:02 am, previews start, Harrison Ford is in a movie

called Cowboys and Aliens? giggle, stupid looking Nicolas

Cage movie, blah, blah, blah, and finally!

12:22 am, beginning of the end, 10 years of reading books

and seeing movies, a generation’s imagination captured by

a story of witches and wizards, this movie is beautiful

2:38 am, mind blown


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