Original Works – In the Kitchen

 Do you ever have those moments when you see a scene in your mind so clearly it’s as if it writes itself? This poem came to me that way. I consider it a “could have been” poem carried over from some remnants of a previous relationship. It’s brand new, not written for a workshop or anything, so feedback from you guys would be awesome. (Unless you hate it…)


In the Kitchen

I followed you from the bedroom to the kitchen

We’d been sleeping but you wanted some milk

I watched you in the faint light from the fridge

“This is my life,” I thought, “I can’t believe it.


The truth is I still don’t know how to love you.

I’m selfish, mean, childish.

You put the carton back.

You turned, surprised to see me,

You said you loved me.

I said, “I’ll try.”


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