postcards from my bed

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I do a lot of blogging, writing, and reading from my bed. It is very, very comfortable. I still live at home and so this space (that I attempt to keep organized) is the only part of the house that’s really just mine. On any given day or night you could find at least two books, a journal, my MacBook, and my iPhone on my bed with me. It’s a double, so there’s enough space for all of us.

I found myself pondering a couple days ago whether this might be impacting my relationships in any way. Not that I’m in any particular hurry to share my bed (and call me old-fashioned, but there a are a few steps that need to be taken first), but the thought briefly crossed my mind that there’s a lot of stuff in the way if I were ready to share my bed.

In the early days of a new year many people find themselves making resolutions and life decisions. I haven’t really hammered all of mine out, yet. But there is something that has been steadily rising up in my awareness. I want to invest more in the relationships around me and spend less time in my bed.

This is a weird thing to put into words in just the right way. I am very proud of the identity I’ve begun to create for myself as a writer/reader. However, in an effort to bring some of this back into balance I am going to make a more concerted effort to do things and be with people.

A rich interior life is only one part of a whole life.

Shortly after this thought entered my brain the other day I read that one of my favourite blogs is shutting down after 2.5 years. It’s been a source of great inspiration to me for the past 8 months visually, aurally, as well as in blogging and writing. I’ll miss it, but the farewell and ambition to grow are just more inspiration I can add to the list.

So this year I will be out more. Possibly still with the security blankets of a book and my journal. But out I will be, living in the moment, instead of merely thinking how best to archive it in my memory. (Or where I should actually put commas).


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