What I Learned from Cavenaugh Lee

Today I am a bit distracted. My best friend is here. We’ve eaten cupcakes and now I’m suffering a bit from a food baby. So many of my favourite things happened today. But I have to head to work soon so I’ll go ahead and crank this one out.

Save as Draft was a pleasant little rom-com novel. Writing style aside (it read a bit like my *fictional* 12 year old sister’s overly dramatic text messages) I learned a few things.

1 – You can write even when you’re amazingly busy. Apparently Ms. Lee started working on this novel whilst working at a law firm. She still pretty actively blogs (click on this, if for nothing else than to experience the title banner). Anyway, she managed to construct a novel and get it published while working a full time job. That is impressive. And I now have no excuse since I spend most of my days watching Mad Men and reading odd books.

2 – Novelty works. The presentation of this novel was key. It reminded me a lot of Something Borrowed (mostly because of the sort of people it was about) but the presentation of Save as Draft saved me from feeling as though I was reading something as banal as I was. Again it was that voyeuristic thrill of reading someone else’s emails and text messages that provides the novel with it’s unique flavour. Plus the cover of the novel, you know, it was a major selling point for me.

3 – Chick Lit is easy to write. This might seem a little mean but I feel like most chick lit these days needs these elements: a whiny lead character, two best friend sidekicks (one saucily crass the other basically a nonentity), over the top sexual details, and an odd relationship with parents. Lather, rinse, repeat. And you’ll have a best-seller on your hands. This story-line and the details were not earth shattering. Just pleasant.

So, these are the things I learned. If you missed it, yesterday I wrote a post over at http://www.kellenfreeman.net about Love Wins. Never fear, I may copy it over here in a few weeks. See you on the flip side.

Btw this movie comes out tonight at midnight and I’m very excited but I have to wait until tomorrow night to see it

One Day


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