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Pruning. Cultivating. Planning.

  So, I just spent the last hour or so archiving a bunch of old posts. I'm sort of feeling like a cleaner slate this time around. Though, I'm already second-guessing myself and might put some of the old reviews back up. I always think you need context and history. We'll see. In 2011, I… Continue reading Pruning. Cultivating. Planning.



When I was small I made a conscious decision not to fear the dark. We lived in the middle of nowhere. Nighttime in Balm redefines darkness. Nevertheless, as we would walk into the dark house I would lead the way, trusting my knowledge of the house to lead me to my room. I do remember… Continue reading Monsters

everyday, stuff to share

the theatre with the tiny toilet

Last Friday I was lurking on Facebook and landed on this gem: My initial response was, "What?" You would be correct in guessing that this Le Herisson is the French movie adaptation of The Elegance of the Hedgehog, aka Noel's favourite book of 2011. I reviewed it here a few weeks ago. I'm not exactly what you would call… Continue reading the theatre with the tiny toilet