A Decade Under the Influence

Alright, so, 2004 was a really big year for so much music. Like a REALLY big year. I felt like every other week a ten year anniversary tour of this or that album was coming through town and I was just feeling like a crazy person.

Earlier this month I was talking to a friend about his birthday and it hit me like a freight train that this January 1st when I celebrate turning 28 I will be 10 whole years away from my 18th birthday.


I dunno, man. There is A LOT about the last 10 years that I’m conflicted about. I recently did part of focusing strategy to figure out a theme word for 2015. I settled on “intent” pretty early on in the process. Because when I look back on the last 10 years I see large moments of my life where I was content to be swept up by circumstances, rather than making active decisions. Now, “God blessed the broken road” and all that. I’m not unhappy with where I am. But I think I’ve gained the perspective that I can be more intentional or “attentively occupied with” my life.


Some of my most favorite music came out between 2003 and 2005. As we head into 2015 I keep thinking of the punk rock kid that was me, trying to figure out what she wanted to be, and how she would ever convince anyone she was a grown up. Twenty-eight is freaking me out in the sense that I’m getting married 58 days after my birthday and we put a deposit down on a house today and I’m making Cash Flow reports (and finding that enjoyable). I keep taking these Zach Morris pauses in the middle of things and recognizing for a minute that adulthood is here. It’s here.