original works

Original Works – Distraction

I wrote this poem the week of Pt. 1's release. Today will echo a similar countdown toward the premiere of Pt.2. In anticipation, I thought I'd share this little gem with you. Enjoy. Distraction, or How I spent the day waiting for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1 8:00 am, shut off alarm,… Continue reading Original Works – Distraction

original works

Original Works – In the Kitchen

 Do you ever have those moments when you see a scene in your mind so clearly it's as if it writes itself? This poem came to me that way. I consider it a "could have been" poem carried over from some remnants of a previous relationship. It's brand new, not written for a workshop or… Continue reading Original Works – In the Kitchen

original works

Original Works – Bohemians! O, Bohemians!

This was an assigned imitation poem. I chose "Pioneers! O, Pioneers!" as my inspiration. Which if you have not listened to or read you should do that right now. Stop reading this, google it, and then come back and read mine. That's an order. What's coolest about this poem is that back in March I… Continue reading Original Works – Bohemians! O, Bohemians!