The Love of History

My favorite subject in school was History. My senior year during an afternoon of taking notes about the Holocaust my teacher let loose the following anecdote and it further cemented her as my favorite teacher and History as my favorite thing to study.

She paused in the midst of her notes and said something to the effect of, “You know everyone talks about how awesome Winston Churchill was. And he was a great man. But he also smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish. And when he found out that Hitler was dead and they were going to be able to claim victory over Germany, Churchill got in his car, drove over (some bridge between wherever he was commanding and the enemy line), pissed on enemy soil, got back in his car and went back to HQ.” Continue reading “The Love of History”


Vivid Verbosity

Also titled Summer Reading – The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

  I first became conscious of The Book Thief‘s existence in the last Border’s near me. Jenna and I had made the trek to St. Pete in effort to find a Paperchase journal suitable for holding the next year of my life and Border’s was the only place to purvey these particular journals. Alas, we trekked in vain and found, much to my dismay, that whomever is in charge of graphic design for Paperchase’s journals is now heavily influenced by 12 year olds and neon color combinations.

  Anyway, Jenna said something about it supposedly being a good book. Then my friend The Scholastic Mind suggested it to me. I figured the fates were conspiring or something and added it to my Library Hold List. It joined the stack of books that went with me to vacation. Truth be told I actually finished The Book Thief back in Riverview (but it was Sunday night so it still counted as vacation). I looked at the first page on Amazon before I requested it at the library and was immediately hooked.

  Here’s the opening: Continue reading “Vivid Verbosity”

let’s talk about…

…why Markus Zusak is awesome. But first, this:

Markus Zusak reading The Book Thief

1. He’s a published author – this doesn’t make every published author awesome, but it wasn’t the obvious first choice so I went for it.

2. He’s Australian – which most people would have listed first, but we’re all about the unexpected surprises here at anecdotalmusings. Also, I’ll point out to you something the host pointed out about 8 times last night: Markus Zusak is a “bit of Australian Eye-Candy”. This moniker did well with the audience. Jen and I realized at this point that the majority of the audience was probably crossover from the “Twi-mom” phenomenon. We actually watched one of the moms get all touchy with Mr. Zusak which made us both quite uncomfortable. Continue reading “let’s talk about…”