Summer Reading – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This movie is almost three hours long. It was inspired by this quarter size, 52-page short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Creative License, for the win.

If you click here it takes you to a site where you can read the short story. It shouldn’t take you very long… I endorse it.

One Summer afternoon, worried that I would run out of interesting things to read and review and thus lose any sort of blog fodder I had developed I panicked and visited The Hillsborough County Public Library website and searched away until I ended up with about 80 books (or 9) that I’ve been lugging around for the better part of two months. I picked some doozies that I’m not very interested in but I thought might be impressive. Continue reading “Summer Reading – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”



the beautiful and damend by f. scott fitzgerald

I consider myself a self-motivated person. But apparently I’ve found my limits when it comes to Modern American Literature. Or maybe it’s just Classic Literature in general. I honestly haven’t read enough Classic Literature outside of an academic setting to know if I enjoy it or not.

This summer I made an attempt to remedy that. I picked up The Beautiful and Damned and For Whom the Bell Tolls in effort to better acquaint myself with these bastions of American Literature. I didn’t even crack the cover of FWtBT (unfortunately). And I made several attempts to march through TBaD. 

I mentioned in my review of Rules of Civility that RoC was everything I wanted The Beautiful and Damned to be: New York looking glamorous and some devil-may-care main characters that undergo some essential maturity and growth. Continue reading “self-motivated?”