the elegance of the hedgehog

It seems to me that in recent months the hedgehog has become the hipster pet of choice. I’ve seen this picture on almost every website I frequently visit:

baby hedgehog

I’ll admit that a baby hedgehog is fairly cute. I’m not sure how much I’d thought of hedgehogs until recently with their rise as popular pets and of course this book entering my world –

The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery

I can admit, without reservation, and despite the year not having fully drawn to a close, that this is my favourite book of 2011. According to I’ve read about 51 books so far this year, or 13,750 pages. A lot of them were read for classes but since May they’ve all been for pleasure or curiosity. This one drew my attention out of sheer curiosity.

I’ll admit that I am a cover judger. That’s all a book really has to recommend itself if you are not familiar with the author. While I understand the lesson of the adage I do think that choosing books based upon their covers (and subsequently the summary either on the dust jacket or back) are perfectly acceptable ways to choose books. Continue reading “the elegance of the hedgehog”


the theatre with the tiny toilet

Last Friday I was lurking on Facebook and landed on this gem:

Tampa Theatre status via Facebook

My initial response was, “What?” You would be correct in guessing that this Le Herisson is the French movie adaptation of The Elegance of the Hedgehog, aka Noel’s favourite book of 2011. I reviewed it here a few weeks ago.

The Hedgehog a film by Josiane Balasko

I’m not exactly what you would  call a planner when it comes to social engagements. Which leaves me entertaining myself often on Friday nights. So, while my sister was out celebrating and my parents went to dinner together I put on real clothes and drove to Downtown Tampa to see The Hedgehog at the fantastic Tampa Theatre.

This brings the total of movies I’ve seen there up to 4 – The Wizard of Oz (we dressed up), The Creature from the Black Lagoon 3D,  The King’s Speech, and The Hedgehog.

Because of confusing parking attempts I purchased my ticket at 7:28 pm (the movie began at 7:30). I was quite excited about seeing the movie which the man selling tickets noticed. He asked me if I was a teacher. It threw me off for a moment so I rather enthusiastically told him no, that I read the books a couple of weeks ago and was really pumped about seeing the movie.

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